The shots on these targets were fired by a "FIRST TIME" pistol shooter on 12-6-2008. The shooter attended the 3 hour course and after classroom session, went out to fire on the range. The shots on Blank Target 1 were fired with a 22LR semi-auto at a distance of 15 feet to determine if shooter understood the fundamentals of marksmanship. Targets 2 & 3 were fired at 15 and 21 feet respectfully to work on fundamentals.

           Target 1                                                         Target 2                                                           Target 3



Targets 4 & 5 were fired at 21 feet with a .38 revolver. Target 6 was fired at 21 feet with a 9mm semi-auto.


Target 4                                                                              Target 5                                                                            Target 6

3 Hour Class Graduates









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