The Georgia Police Marksmanship League was originally known as the Georgia Police Combat League when it was formed in 1976. It was formed to promote handgun efficiency and competition among Law Enforcement Officers within The State and others throughout the Country. The first match was held at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, in Glynco, Ga. At the end of the year, The League awards the Governor's Medal to Officers who had earned it. The Georgia Police Combat League continued to conduct matches each year and in 1992, The Combat League became Incorporated and was renamed the Georgia Police Marksmanship League and continues under this today. The League is affiliated with The National Rifle Association and conducts matches under their guidelines. The League is open to any Law Enforcement Officer who qualifies under NRA rules. The Georgia Governor's Twenty Medal is awarded to shooters on their average score from competition throughout the year. The League sponsors 15 registered NRA matches in various locations within the State. In order to be eligible for this award, you must shoot in 51% (8) of the matches. Then the top four scores of each shooter are averaged and the top twenty shooters in the state are awarded the Governor's Twenty Medal. Also, there are class awards presented at the end of the year for the shooter with the highest average in their classification and who meet the eligibility requirements. All of these awards are presented each year at the conclusion of the competitive season at the Annual Awards Banquet which is held in various locations within the State.

The matches sponsored by the G.P.M.L. are NRA registered and promote the fundamentals of Police Marksmanship. The League Matches are held from March through September of each year with one match being conducted during the first weekend of each month. The only exception is that a Regional Championship Match is conducted in June. There are several types of matches conducted at each location along with a registered 1500 match each day. Depending on location of each match, these are the type of matches conducted; Off Duty Revolver Match, Service Revolver Match, Service Semi-Auto Match, Distinguished Revolver Match, Distinguished Semi-Auto Match, and Two & Four Man Team Matches. All of the registered 1500 PPC matches count towards the Governor's Twenty Program and the NRA recognizes any records set by competitors during this matches.

2012 G.P.M.L. Match Schedule as of 2/10/12

There are many competitors from the G.P.M.L. that are National Record holders or Who have tied National Records. These are a few of those statistics;

These records are with the Revolver in the 1500 Match.

  1. 12 competitors in Match 1.
  2. 10 competitors in Match 2.
  3. 1 competitor in Match 3, George Foley. Current holder and Only Tied by one other.
  4. 1 competitor in Match 5 & 6. Cathy Schroeder, Policewomans Records.

These Records are held by John Farley with the Semi-Automatic in the 1500 Match. Match 1, Match 2, Match 3, Match 5, Match 6. The Two Man Team Record holder with the Semi-Auto is Robert Burnett & Aranzo Milbourne, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

The Two Man Team from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, who are members of the Georgia Police Marksmanship League, won the 1998 National Revolver and World Championships in Jackson, Miss. The Firing members were Bob Burnett and Aranzo Milbourne. In 1999, Bob and Arnazo won the Two Man Team Semi-Auto Championship with a New Record. The 2000 National Police Shooting Championships Female Champion is Cathy Schroeder, FBI, Atlanta Office and Member of the Georgia Police Marksmanship League.

Other programs that are conducted by The G.P.M.L. is the Distinguished Revolver and Semi-Automatic Medals which are conducted under the same guidelines as the National Distinguished programs. These medals are also awarded at the Annual Banquet. From 1976 to date, there have been 66 Distinguished Revolver medal winners. In 1994 the Distinguished Semi-Automatic program began and 18 medals have been awarded to date.

Some of the Courses of Fire are available here.

Georgia Police Marksmanship League

2011 Governor's Twenty Final Standings

Number Name                                         Agency Average X's
1. Truman Carter                      Harris Co. S.O. 1489.75 103
2. Bruce Robinson                    Columbus P.D. 1484.25 91
3. Cathy Schroeder                   F.B.I.   (Retired) 1482.75 86
4. Lyle Schroeder                     Michigan S.P.  (Retired) 1478.75 80
5. David Tuthrow                     Muscogee Co.   S.O. 1475.25 80.25
6. John Farley                           G.S.P. (Retired) 1475 79.25
7. Miles Knight                         U.S. Customs (Retired) 1460 73.75
8. Billy Lashley                         Douglas Co. S.O. 1459.5 70.5
9. Barlow Hill                           U.S. Customs (Retired) 1448.75 64
10. Walter Sprouse                     Ga. State Fire Marshal 1445.5 61
11. J. R. Fiveash                         Waycross P.D. (Retired) 1424 53
12. Barry Davis                           Columbus P.D. 1422.5 50
13. Bob Bastyr                            U.S. Customs (Retired) 1415.5 47.25
14. Lucas Yates                           I. C. E. 1373.25 42.5
15. Siegfried Stuhn                     Muscogee Co. Corrections 1149 22.75
16. Arnold Robinson                  ColumbusP.D. (Retired)             1372 41.50

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